PPHU Szulc Zawada 4, 64-125 Poniec +48 607 79 77 31
PPHU Szulc Zawada 4, 64-125 Poniec +48 607 79 77 31

Szulc Exclusive fruits

Daily professional deliveries of the highest quality soft fruit to any place in EUROPE. We currently deliver goods daily to wholesale markets in Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdynia, Berlin, Prague and Vienna. We serve all the ladders of the wholesale agricultural market. Chain stores, fruit and vegetables wholesalers as well as retailers cooperate with us regularly.

Szulc Professional Logistics

We love everything what is fresh. Our company specializes in delivering goods quickly and safely to a client. We deal with both full loads and partial truck loads. Our new truck fleet, experienced drivers and our dynamic team is the key to succeed.

Szulc Premium

It’s our youngest department. Daily professional deliveries of the highest quality Premium Products to any place in Europe.

Our History

Our experience in the fruit and vegetable market helps us fulfill even such wholesale orders of sensitive fruit as: raspberries, strawberries and wild strawberries stably and in a timely manner.

We understand such problems like too late delivered strawberries or any quality problems with e.g. delivered raspberries. Our experience in international markets has learnt us to fit into typical regional standards like: any typical size, variety as well as the way of sorting. If a customer has an untypical order, we are able to modify our offer easily. According to the requirements, we match the way of sorting, packages and volume to each individual order.