PPHU Szulc Zawada 4, 64-125 Poniec +48 607 79 77 31
PPHU Szulc Zawada 4, 64-125 Poniec +48 607 79 77 31

Our Divisions

  • Szulc Transport

    Szulc Professional Logistics

    We love everything what is fresh. Our company specializes in delivering goods quickly and safely to a client. We deal with both full loads and partial truck loads. Our new truck fleet, experienced drivers and our dynamic team is the key to succeed.

  • Szulc Fruits-Vegetables

    Szulc Exclusive Fruits

    Daily professional deliveries of the highest quality soft fruit to any place in EUROPE.

  • Szulc Gastro

    Szulc New Gastronomy Service

    It’s our youngest department which consists of such brands as „Hutny Źiwot” and „Schmack Mak”. We deliver fresh vegetable salads, peeled and vacuum-packed vegetables. You can also find in our offer: soups, ready-made dishes and half-products for gastronomy.


All three departments as a whole guarantee unexpectedly rich trade offer.

All-inclusive at a client