PPHU Szulc Zawada 4, 64-125 Poniec +48 607 79 77 31
PPHU Szulc Zawada 4, 64-125 Poniec +48 607 79 77 31


  • The high quality of fruit and vegetables

    Our main specialty are soft fruits which we are able to deliver to any place in Europe. Depending on a season we fill orders for seasonal fruit, vegetables, nuts and mushrooms.

    We ensure only selected and high quality products for our clients Our extensive transport fleet helps us to optimize well the transport as well as volume of an order. We can logistically match different orders. It improves our offer in terms of a competitive price. We are able to fill an individual order starting from hundreds of kilos till 24 tons.

    The suitable management plus the experienced co-workers as well as our longstanding providers help us fill even the most complicated orders stably. For example, strawberries grown in Eastern Poland which are ordered at 9 am are delivered within 12 hours on the same day to Western Europe being ideally fresh.