PPHU Szulc Zawada 4, 64-125 Poniec +48 607 79 77 31
PPHU Szulc Zawada 4, 64-125 Poniec +48 607 79 77 31

PPHU Szulc Company located in Greater Poland is a leading distributor of soft fruits and vegetables, a supplier of fresh vegetable salads, ready-made dishes and half-products for gastronomy. High results are achieved thanks to own fleet of trucks as well as effective shipping service.


Producing and delivering products fulfilling the highest quality standards and food safety,

Building trust and satisfaction of our clients through recognizing and fulfilling their requirements and expectations,

Running business according to business ethics and applying to the law,

Set aims are reached through:

Training and constant qualification raising of our staff as a strategic element of ensuring the quality and food safety,

The realization of processes of the Quality Management System in accordance with fixed requirements enabling making products fulfilling clients’ requirements,

Enhancing client relationship capabilities,

Verifying suppliers through the prism of quality requirements and food safety as well as ensuring the full traceability “from the field”,

Allowing to production only raw material of the highest quality guarantee quality of the of products,

Constant enhancing and increasing the effectiveness of Quality Management System, which is built on the basic legal requirements, codex international guidelines (Codex Alimentarius) and requirements contained in international standards (IFS).